Presented by the Dauphin Agricultural Society

Thursday, March 9, 2017 Dauphin Recreation Complex Banquet Room - Lions Den 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Noon Lunch

We are pleased to announce several keynote speakers for Outlook 2017:

Lawrence Yakielashek, Director of Corporate Services Farm Link Marketing Solutions
"Impact of Today's Funds and Fundamentals on Grain Prices"
Lawrence has over 30 years’ experience in agriculture origination, handling, marketing, shipping & exporting, futures exchanges, currencies and on various Canadian industry boards and associations. 

Laryssa Grenkow & Greg Bartley, MB Pulse & Soybean Growers Association
"Soybean Agronomy/On Farm Network Research"
Both Laryssa and Greg are from the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Association.

Gary Martens, Professional Agrologist
"Sustainable Crop Rotations"
Gary is a senior instructor at the University of Manitoba

John Heard, MASC - Farm Production Extension, Crop Nutrition
"Ruts, No Fieldwork and No Fertilizer Applied - What do we do?"

Lori Michaleski, MASC
Lori will be presenting on the the Individual Productivity Index

Jason Dobbin, MASC Livestock Price Insurance Coordinator
Jason will be presenting on the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program available to producers

Tanis Sirski, Area Agronomist Northwest Manitoba, Dupont Pioneer
"Corn Production - Economics and Agronomy"

$10 gets you coffee, doughnuts, lunch and a stellar lineup of farm information

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